Taking good care of your wheels can prove essential, and it always starts with the very basics – no matter what car you drive, it’s sure to fail you sooner or later if you don’t take proper care of it. The focus should be not only on the car’s exterior but also on the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly. To this end, we dedicated our time and effort to developing a GTO LUBES motor oil that boasts both quality manufacturing and competitive pricing.

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New design of GTO LUBES motor oils

GTO LUBES motor oils were first launched on the market in 2017, during this time we expanded with official distributors to 6 countries across Europe, and sales coverage also extends to countries outside European borders. Every day we take care of increasing our sales program according to the needs of the market and the wishes of customers.

In this time, however, we devoted time to the design of motor oils, we are presenting a new look that reflects the changes and growth of our brand GTO LUBES, designed specifically for our customers of the motor oil program.

Own production

GTO LUBES meets all the requirements and specifications set by modern manufacturers of engines for passenger and goods vehicles.  Our oils are formulated to meet all advanced technical specifications and stringent environmental regulations and come in high-quality, easy-to-use containers.

Together with you, our present and future business partners, we are ready every day to take a step further towards fulfilling the set goals, both yours and ours, expanding our product range – and meeting your needs and expectations with our unique GTO LUBES brand.


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After many years of acting as resellers of world-famous motor oil brands, all the while carrying out market research, we have gained new insights into which spectrum of products is important for the market – and this has been one of our main focuses. Today we take great pride in our very own range of products, which comprises motor oils for cars, off-road and commercial vehicles, for industrial applications, construction and agricultural machinery, greases, transmission oils, reduction gearbox oils, turbine oils, other top-class lubricants and sprays for the automotive industry, heavy-duty machinery, general and food industry – and we continue to write our story of success and expansion every single day…

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